Not only do we offer pilot services, we are also Marine Surveyors, usually required to perform quality, stowage and weight control of bulk and general cargo, salvage, refloating agrounding vessels or wrecks etc.
We also offer the additional service of a Master Loader, who is in charge of getting the most of the operation - trade relationship among the ship’s equipment, its command and the port terminal itself.
When dealing with bulk cargoes and with all other cargoes which require full hold free clean condition and ready to load, we perform the Hold Survey, and subsequently issue the corresponding report and certificate.

We also perform Condition Surveys of vessels to offer all local operators, freight agents and ship brokers, a detailed report of the ship in which we have served as Pilots, with the purpose of future business dealings.
We have taken part in the dredging and placing of buoys along the River Plate and Parana River, task performed in joint with HIDROVIA S.A. with the dredgers MARCO POLO, JAMES ENSOR and AMERICO VESPUCCI.
At present we are developing a study regarding the transit of Capesize vessels through Martin Garcia channels, for RIOVIA S.A , the above mentioned channels’ licencee, with MARIN center’s assistance.

We perform the follow- up of changes in depths and buoy marking with a series of reports, we do so with our own sounding and with those obtained by the Ministerio de Obras y Servicios Publicos, Subsecretaria de Transportes Maritimo y Fluvial, Hidrovia S.A., Riovia S.A.
We provide updated hydro - meteorological information of the rivers to know exactly the patterns of the River Plate and the Parana River, which are influenced by the passage of cold fronts and/or sudden changes in the wind’s direction and speed.

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