Apart from using the ship’s VHF equipment to comunicate, our Pilots carry their own personal cellular telephone which has worldwide coverage, so that the ship’s position and track can be know at all times, and so that any operative or commercial change can be coordinated.

We consider that there are two main factors which originated deep changes in the rendering of pilotage services during the past few years.

• The 1992 goverment decree regarding Pilotage services which allowed the users to freely contract the providers of the service, due to this the Pilots are now allowed to compete.
• The dredging and buoy marking of the Santa Fe - Ocean river corridor, which enabled the uninterrupted sailing with drafts of over 32 feet and which requires a very special professional training and constant updating.

Our Pilots are certified through an Alcohol and Drug Policy, as required by International Rules and Regulations, and they are fully covered with a Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy.

We are ready to face the challenge and we are sure that we can provide excellent service because we are prepared to compete with the quality of our service and the convenience of our fees.

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